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Bring a professional facial treatment experience into the home. Sleek, sophisticated, yet simple to operate, the JÓLI360 system includes multiple breakthrough technologies; three for treatments and three for measurements.


From setup to follow-up, with JÓLI360 you are always in touch with your users’ unique beauty needs. JÓLI360 provides a truly wireless home use beauty experience.


Supported by online, real-time professionals, JÓLI360’s Big Data capabilities provide the basis for program customization and ultimate personalized analysis.


A unique combinitation of advanced technologies
The JÓLI360 system includes multiple breakthrough technologies; three for treatment and three for measurement. JÓLI360 uniquely combines all the benefits of cutting-edge technology and IoT. Wireless, safe, robust, and fully rechargeable, JÓLI360 is a total game-changer in home-use beauty aesthetics.


Safe and flexible
JÓLI360’s three treatment technologies are flexible and safety proven.
  • Bipolar Radio Frequency (RF) Treatment combined with a Swiss-formulated conductive gel applied by a disposable, single-use cartridge
  • Electroporation (ELP) Treatment combined with a Swiss-formulated serum applied by a disposable single-use cartridge
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Treatment

JÓLI360’s four safety systems include treatment interruption whenever the treatment applicator leaves the skin’s surface. The powerful combination of advanced treatment options offers younger, tighter, significantly fresher looking skin that customers yearn for.


Skin health measurements
JÓLI360’s state-of-the-art smart sensors enable the measurement of three basic skin-status indicators: Elasticity, Sebum, and Hydration. The JÓLI360 online app provides immediate feedback and tracks measurement results, enabling follow-up on customer progress and personalized treatment.

Doctor’s Advice

Personalized Based on Proffesional Advice
JÓLI360 provides a home use beauty experience based on professional advice. Supported by online, real-time professional dermatologists advice, JÓLI360’s capabilities enable complete, end-to-end customer follow-up, analysis, and control, providing the ultimate personalized treatment program and customer ongoing contact.


Anytime anywhere
From setup to follow-up, with JÓLI360 you are always in touch with your users’ unique beauty needs. JÓLI360 provides a truly wireless home use beauty experience. Our mobile application works with iPhones and Androids, enabling end-to-end customer management, analysis, and control.

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IMCAS World Congress 2018
February 1-3
Paris, France

E.S.I Novel/JÓLI360 Booth #66 Unveiling JÓLI360. We will be demonstrating the world of benefits JÓLI360 offers to end users, dermatologists, anti-aging and other aesthetics professionals at this prestigious international event.

AMWC 2018
April 4-7
Monte Carlo, Monaco

E.S.I Novel/JÓLI360 Booth #R1 We will be bringing JÓLI360 along with us to Monaco to participate in the 16th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress – AMWC.


E.S.I NOVEL LTD, part of the Essence Group, designs and develops medical aesthetic skin care products. We empower people to have a professional experience anytime, anywhere, with any lifestyle. Our technologies bring a new generation of beauty to your home and business. We support physicians, spa owners, beauticians, clinics, and deliver direct customer channels, along with intelligent insights. Based on Essence Group expertise in IoT and Big Data, E.S.I NOVEL LTD introduces JÓLI360, the world’s first truly connected skin care solution.